How does X39 work?

LifeWave X39™ is the world’s first patented, drug-free, non-invasive product that elevates a copper peptide clinically proven to activate stem cells.

As we age, stem cells become less effective and their ability to repair damaged tissue is reduced. Our body shows the signs of this by “aging”… we see more wrinkles, have less energy, wounds don’t heal as fast, hair thins, sleep is more restless, etc.  

Using patented LifeWave phototherapy, the X39 elevates a peptide proven to activate stem cells.  That helps to regenerate healthier stem cells, in turn restoring our bodies to a healthier more youthful state.   And the best part?  It’s safe, non-invasive and incredibly cost-effective.  

Watch this brief video on the X39 patch and you’ll realize why this puts LifeWave on the cutting edge of regenerative science!

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