A broken foot with speed recovery

This week I got the best news.

Since December 1st, I have patched a 16-year-old football talent who had broken his foot in two places that day. He stood in front of a huge career leap and a broken foot would put him back violently in his training. He was predicted by the doctors that he would not be able to play again until June.

The young man has been putting the X39 patch daily on December 1st.

X39 activates the body’s own production of stem cells and improves regeneration at record speed.

He joined the elite team training team so he could retrain as soon as possible.

The physiotherapist affiliated with the team predicted at last consultation that he would be able to play again as early as April, as his foot was healing incredibly well already !!

Two months lead in relation to doctors’ forecast !!

I can’t get my arms down from pure enthusiasm and joy that a young talent can resume his beloved workout so soon after a double break in the ankle!

I am not in any doubt for a second that the X39 has had a hand in the game and I dream that all sports club physiotherapists can give their injured player the same opportunity.

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The company is so confident in its case that everyone can test the patches for 30 days and get money back if there is no kind of effect.

Try for yourself and share with those you love. X39 improves sleep, and an increased energy level and extremely rapid recovery are experienced.


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